Christmas Stocking with Clarins Malta

Clarins Malta

Here’s the deal…Even though we’re told that Christmas is not about materialistic things, we still desperately look forward to the presents under our tree. As the years go by, the idea of Christmas stockings is starting to appeal to me more. Firstly, I find that presents in a stocking are more thought out to be customised to a person’s likings. Secondly, the presents tend to follow a particular theme – which means that you’ll get multiple presents of something you like. BUT the best thing about stockings is…MORE THAN ONE PRESENT! Plus, there’s something super exciting about revealing one present at a time as you impatiently empty your stocking.

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The Real Reason Why I Took a Long Break from Blogging

I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud. The first time I even thought about it was while I was driving home from the gym.

I always said to myself, and to whoever asked, that I quit blogging because I needed a break to find myself and to find my purpose (as Tamara Webb likes to put it). However, I knew deep down that it wasn’t the real reason and maybe that’s why it took me SO long to get back. The real reason why I took a break from blogging is that it was getting too much and I couldn’t catch up. Continue reading “The Real Reason Why I Took a Long Break from Blogging”

Why I’m Not Attending Malta Fashion Week This Year

I’m a big believer in this motto: that if you keep putting something off, you are simply not meant to do it. Of course, this motto comes with its limitations – you might be putting off studying or cleaning your room – those still have to be done, so please don’t take this literal to everything. I kept putting my Malta Fashion Week application on the back burner this year and after it was past its deadline, I realised why.

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A Chat With Christian Schembri aka Coqqos

Christian Schembri - Coqqos

If you follow my stories on Instagram you’d know that I recently started boxing. I’m constantly on the lookout to start something new -especially when it comes to fitness. Boxing has always been on my wishlist so when I started going to Fort Fitness in Sliema, earlier on this year, I decided that boxing was my new challenge. And there was no other trainer that I was going to trust my inexperienced boxing hands than with Christian Schembri – Coqqos.

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