My Payot Jour Gelée: A Review

One of the decisions I will be taking for this new blog is to limit myself when it comes to product reviews. I will still be testing out new make-up and skincare products but I want to make my beauty content a bit more exciting.  I am, in no way, disregarding all the work that beauty bloggers do. THEY’RE AMAZING! However, I feel that, personally, I tend to read beauty reviews that go deeper than just sole product reviews and I want to make content that you will enjoy reading and that I will enjoy creating. Having said that, at times, there will be products that deserve to shine on their own and I don’t think that it’s fair for them to have to share their spotlight. My Payot Jour Gelée is one such product.

The first thing that appealed to me about this product was the smell. If you’re a fan of citrus smells, you’re going to go crazy for this product. This gel comes in a 50ml orange jar and it is ideal for combination to oily skin.

My Payot Jour Gelée markets itself as being a daily radiance cream that will give your skin the boost it needs to look more alive. With stressful days ahead, this definitely caught my attention. Because of its refreshing smell and light texture, I like to use this in the morning. You only need a little blob of the product to moisturise your whole face. Apart from my skin looking more awake, the smell puts me in such a good mood which is always a bonus especially on a dreadful Monday morning.

The light texture leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished, fresh and taken care of. Although the product looks a little slimy in the pot, it is not at all greasy which is something I look for when choosing my skincare products.

I think I’m going to be loving this product for a long time!

Payot products can be found at all franks outlets.
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