Experimenting with BeYu Makeup

I feel that BeYu is such an underrated brand. A lot of people seem to overlook it because there aren’t enough people talking about it. But there should be because BeYu is a great quality brand and the products are so reasonably priced.

I was given a few items for product reviews and I decided to test them out all at once instead of reviewing them product by product. Hopefully, this style will be more interesting to you.

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My Payot Jour Gelée: A Review

One of the decisions I will be taking for this new blog is to limit myself when it comes to product reviews. I will still be testing out new make-up and skincare products but I want to make my beauty content a bit more exciting.  I am, in no way, disregarding all the work that beauty bloggers do. THEY’RE AMAZING! However, I feel that, personally, I tend to read beauty reviews that go deeper than just sole product reviews and I want to make content that you will enjoy reading and that I will enjoy creating. Having said that, at times, there will be products that deserve to shine on their own and I don’t think that it’s fair for them to have to share their spotlight. My Payot Jour Gelée is one such product.

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