The Real Reason Why I Took a Long Break from Blogging

I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud. The first time I even thought about it was while I was driving home from the gym.

I always said to myself, and to whoever asked, that I quit blogging because I needed a break to find myself and to find my purpose (as Tamara Webb likes to put it). However, I knew deep down that it wasn’t the real reason and maybe that’s why it took me SO long to get back. The real reason why I took a break from blogging is that it was getting too much and I couldn’t catch up. Continue reading “The Real Reason Why I Took a Long Break from Blogging”

Why I’m Not Attending Malta Fashion Week This Year

I’m a big believer in this motto: that if you keep putting something off, you are simply not meant to do it. Of course, this motto comes with its limitations – you might be putting off studying or cleaning your room – those still have to be done, so please don’t take this literal to everything. I kept putting my Malta Fashion Week application on the back burner this year and after it was past its deadline, I realised why.

Continue reading “Why I’m Not Attending Malta Fashion Week This Year”

What I Learnt in 2017


I remember last year I did a resolutions posts on my old blog. I was planning to revisit this post and do something similar this year but I knew what was going to happen. I was probably going to look at this page and be disappointed by all the things I promised I would do and did not achieve – when in fact, there are so many things I did that I am proud of in 2017 that weren’t even planned. So here’s what I learnt in 2017. Continue reading “What I Learnt in 2017”