Christmas Stocking with Clarins Malta

Clarins Malta

Here’s the deal…Even though we’re told that Christmas is not about materialistic things, we still desperately look forward to the presents under our tree. As the years go by, the idea of Christmas stockings is starting to appeal to me more. Firstly, I find that presents in a stocking are more thought out to be customised to a person’s likings. Secondly, the presents tend to follow a particular theme – which means that you’ll get multiple presents of something you like. BUT the best thing about stockings is…MORE THAN ONE PRESENT! Plus, there’s something super exciting about revealing one present at a time as you impatiently empty your stocking.

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The Body Shop Face Masks Have Me Hooked

The Body Shop Masks

I’m VERY picky about my skincare which means that if I’m recommending something it must be amazing. The Body Shop face masks are my new obsession. I was given one to test out and I now have four more lying in my skincare cabinet (I bought the last two after taking these pictures because I was obsessed again!). They’re that good! Let me tell you why. Continue reading “The Body Shop Face Masks Have Me Hooked”