Kiehls Malta Opens in Valletta

I remember a time when, us beauty addicts in Malta, had to get all our make-up and skincare from abroad. Slowly, brand by brand, we can almost say we have it all. Kiehls Malta is a clear example.

Almost everyone and their mother knows about Kiehls. In fact, to the brand’s surprise, it needed very little introduction to the Maltese clientele. Kiehls was introduced to the world, approximately 160 years ago. From the first Original Musk Oil to many other ranges for all skin types, the brand showed its potential from day one.

Kiehls Malta

Apart from the products being so good and effective (more on this later, I promise!), the prominent reason why Kiehls attracts so many customers is due to its unique formulations made with the finest natural skin care ingredients.

Kiehls Malta – The Store

Kiehls Malta

I was very impressed with the store situated in Melita Street, Valletta – it’s like walking into a UK Kiehls store. The reasoning behind this is that when a world-known brand comes to Malta, there are regulations and rules that have to be kept when opening their own store here on the island. Constant checks are made to ensure that the brand’s reputation is being kept up to standard.

The products are classified into appropriate sections and ranges, making it very easy to browse around the store. There’s also a section dedicated to gifts which I found very handy. What’s amazing about Kiehls Malta is that, if you’re in doubt, you’re never left on your own. If a customer steps in without a specific product in mind, a skin consultation is done to determine which product/range is best for them. According to this result, the very helpful sales assistant will recommend specific products for their concerned area.

Kiehls Malta - Midnight Recovery

To top off the brilliant experience at Kiehls, customers are also served a detox tea which is incredibly tasty and refreshing.

Customers’ Favourites

Kiehls Malta - Customer Favourites

I was very curious to know which Kiehls products are favourites among Maltese customers. Turns out, we’re similar to the rest of the Kiehls family abroad. The famous duo is the Ultra Facial Cleanser and the Ultra Facial Cream. Both these products have a lightweight texture and will leave the face feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. Another favourite is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is known for its immediate results – one night, a few drops and you’ll have your skin looking younger by morning. One of the famous bestsellers is the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. This was my first product from the brand and it’s the reason why I fell in love with Kiehls. It’s very delicate and gentle on the skin and it instantly gives moisture to the under-eye area.

Kiehls Malta

The list is never-ending. You simply have to try Kiehls out for yourself. Visit the store in Valletta for your skin consultation and product recommendations. It’s definitely worth a visit.