72 Hours in Belgium

It’s feels weird that I’m finally sitting at my desk and blogging again. From the last time I posted until today, I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been. I’ve started multiple new jobs and had so many things to do that I was totally overwhelmed by it all. I missed countless of events, both blogger events and friends/family, to try and catch up with everything. I’m still running around like crazy but I’m learning to prioritise better which has become necessary.

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Why Glasgow is the Perfect Place to Live In

By now, you, your mother and your dog, will have known that I’ve lived in Glasgow for the past year. I’ve talked and posted about it so much that I won’t blame you if you’re sick of hearing about it. But I’ve still got a few more content ideas about this breathtaking experience that I’ve lived in this year. So bear with me. Please?

I’m almost positive that if you’ve lived abroad you’re convinced that that country is the best place to live in. But there are so many reasons why I think Glasgow is the perfect place to reside in that I’m quite sure I won’t change my mind. I cannot quite explain it but I’ve felt this way ever since I stepped out of the tiny Prestwick Glasgow airport. I guess it was a case of ‘when you know, you just know’.

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