Why Glasgow is the Perfect Place to Live In

By now, you, your mother and your dog, will have known that I’ve lived in Glasgow for the past year. I’ve talked and posted about it so much that I won’t blame you if you’re sick of hearing about it. But I’ve still got a few more content ideas about this breathtaking experience that I’ve lived in this year. So bear with me. Please?

I’m almost positive that if you’ve lived abroad you’re convinced that that country is the best place to live in. But there are so many reasons why I think Glasgow is the perfect place to reside in that I’m quite sure I won’t change my mind. I cannot quite explain it but I’ve felt this way ever since I stepped out of the tiny Prestwick Glasgow airport. I guess it was a case of ‘when you know, you just know’.

I arrived in Glasgow at the beginning of October and despite the fact that I was warned about the Glasgow weather, I stepped in this country without a rain jacket. BIG MISTAKE. The first eventful thing that happened to me was that I got completely drenched. Until my Asos rain jacket arrived, I experienced multiple drenching. The moral of the story is that if you’re planning on visiting or living in Glasgow, you should definitely think about buying a rain jacket before you step into the country. The weather in Glasgow is not its strong suite.

Although the weather can be quite depressing, especially since it can get terribly cold and wet in the summer months, I decided to make the most of wearing my extreme winter clothes which I don’t get to wear in Malta. I love summer but winter fashion is my favourite. I practically lived in baggy jumpers and oversized coats. If you’re a winter person, Glasgow is definitely for you.

A lot of people asked me, why not Edinburgh? Besides the fact that my boyfriend’s MA course was based in Glasgow, having visited Edinburgh and lived in Glasgow, I would still choose the latter to live in. For starters, living costs are much cheaper in Glasgow so if you’re a student deciding between these two places, keep this in mind. However, I’ll have to admit that Edinburgh is richer in culture than Glasgow. Glasgow is more of an industrial city while Edinburgh is definitely more touristic. This last point is why I prefer to reside in Glasgow than in Edinburgh. Being the introvert that I am, I preferred the quieter environment that Glasgow offered than the always busy Princess Square in Edinburgh. Having said that, I’ll never get tired of climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat and admiring the view.

Glasgow’s centre in Buchanan Street was one of my top spots. Although Glasgow is quite a large city, I feel that the centre is so contained. There is literally everything that you need without feeling like you need to walk a marathon or get lost. Also, speaking of getting lost; there is absolutely no chance of getting lost using Glasgow’s Subway. It goes round in a circle so if you’re on the wrong side of the subway, you’ll still get to your destination. You probably won’t get there in time though!

As I’ve mentioned before, Glasgow is quite an industrial city. But that is absolutely not a problem. Greenery and the countryside are only 15 mins away. Apart from the green spots scattered around Glasgow such as the Botanic Gardens in the West End, Glasgow Green, Pollok Park, and many others, if you catch a train or rent a car, greenery is literally round the corner. I’m planning another post on the road trips I’ve taken throughout the year so watch out for that post if you’d like to know more about Scotland.

But the people are what attracted me the most to this city. Glaswegians are some of the nicest people that I’ve ever encountered. Since I didn’t have an office job, it was hard to make meaningful connections but I’ve met so many individuals throughout the day that made me feel like I belong. From helpful sales assistants to a friendly man I always saw on the way to the gym, I never, ever felt unsafe in Glasgow.

I know quite a few Maltese people who are living / lived in Glasgow and it seems that we’ve all experienced this same fact: We thought it was going to be harder to settle in than it actually was. I’m not saying that I was never homesick but I thought I was going to find it harder to adjust than I actually did.

Glasgow is such a warm (not literally), clean and diverse city with an incredible bunch of people.

you’ll need these if you’re thinking of visiting / moving to Glasgow


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  1. I so much feel like you Lindsey about Scotland that we made our dream come true and got married in Scotland!. Believe it or not we found it so much easier to organise a wedding there than here in Malta. As you said people are so nice and friendly! It was actually a stress free wedding as every participant made our day so so special! Unlike Malta I would have been a nervous wreck!! Follow your dreams Lindsey!

    1. Scotland was magical. I can imagine having the wedding of your dreams there! There’s nothing quite like the Scottish people! xx

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