Flavours for Health Malta – Sweet BUT Healthy Snacks!

I’ve always loved cooking, but to be more exact, I’ve always loved following a recipe. I don’t have the cooking genes in me but I love finding new recipes to spice up my day-to-day food. I especially love cooking sweet treats that won’t make me feel guilty when I eat the whole thing! Flavours for Health Malta provides the ideal snacks, sweets and mixes for that! Whatever you fancy, you’ll find a healthy alternative on their website.

I tried four mixes from their Superfood Bakery range and I can tell you that I loved all of them! But keep on reading…there’s a favourite!

Flavours for Health Malta - Joy Makers Brownies

Joy Makers Brownies

These brownies are heaven on earth for a chocolate lover! If you’re a chocoholic but you’re trying to stay healthy, these will be your favourite! These vegan brownies are made from a mix of different flours (all gluten-free!), maca powder and organic coconut sugar. All you have to do is add oil and water to the mixture and your kitchen will be smelling like brownies in no time.

What I love about these Joy Makers Brownies is their gooey texture. Even though the brownies come from a ready-made mixture, their texture is still soft and gooey – just like brownies should be! This mix makes approximately 12 brownies. It might seem like a lot – but I can tell you…they were gone in no time!

Flavours for Health Malta - Spirit Lifter Cookies

Spirit Lifter Cookies

The Spirit Lifter Cookies are made out of grain flours, raw cacao and raw coconut sugar. All you need to do is add an egg (or an egg replacer), oil and honey or syrup to the mix (I added maple syrup).

Perfect with a nice cup of tea, I also enjoyed eating these cookies for breakfast. The mix makes approximately 15-18 cookies and they’re done in less than 20 minutes of oven time. There’s nothing better than a sweet snack that can be done quickly!

Flavours for Health Malta - Glow Makers Cookies

Glow Makers Cookies

It was like picking a favourite child from these mixes but, I have to admit, these cookies were my favourite! These healthy cookies are packed with superfoods like chia & pumpkin seeds, raw cacao and cranberries. I loved these Glow Makers Cookies because, just like all the Flavours of Health Malta snacks, they are made using healthy and trustworthy ingredients. These cookies are amazing as a pick-me-up with your afternoon tea or coffee and you can even, cheekily, sneak them in your breakfast.

The best thing is that they are so easy to make. The Glow Makers Cookies mixture has all the ingredients to make these delicious cookies. All you have to do is add 1 egg (or an egg replacer of your choice if you want to keep these cookies vegan), some oil (I use coconut oil or olive oil) and water. Voila! Your 15-18 cookies will be ready in 17 minutes.

Flavours for Health Malta - Morning Dreamers Pancakes

Morning Dreamers Pancakes

Morning Pancakes? YES, please! These Morning Dreamers Pancakes really are a dream. And I want to confess a little secret…I cooked these for dinner! We ate some for dinner and left the rest for breakfast. The cinnamon taste added that extra flavour that I didn’t know was missing in regular pancakes.

The mixture is made up of grain flours and baobab powder. All you have to do is mix three eggs (or egg replacements) and milk (I used coconut milk). The mix makes around 10-15 small pancakes but I decided to make 6 big ones! Add your favourite fruits, honey, maple syrup, peanut butter…you name it! They all taste delicious with these Flavours for Health pancakes!

The best thing about these mixes is that they are all gluten free, vegan/dairy free, yeast free, soy free and have no refined sugars. You can buy these Flavours for Health mixes from their website at a reasonable price of €6.99 each mix or there’s a bundle with the four mixes and you can get them all at a special price.

Your healthy sweet snacks have never tasted this good!

Have you tried any Flavours for Health products? Let me know in the comments below!