Recent Discoveries From Payot

You know me, I love trying out new beauty bits, but my weakness is definitely skincare. Testing out skincare products has become a recent hobby of mine that I don’t think I’ll get bored of anytime soon. Payot has become one of my top skincare brands. I loved the My Payot Jour Gelée so much that I’m, legit, still using it till this very day and my face still feels fresh every time I put it on. I had absolutely no doubt that I was going to love these four new products.

Payot Crème Purifiante is an anti-imperfections purifying care cream that is said to visibly reduce imperfections while moisturising the skin. I’ve been applying this product to my face and neck, morning and evening after cleansing and toning, for over a month and I can vouch that it leaves my skin looking cleaner and smoother. It is a light cream that is ideal for combination to oily skin types and it also acts as an anti-spot weapon since it limits and controls sebum excess.

My Payot Sleeping Pack is the ideal product for someone who loves masks but can’t be bothered to take it off! This product is an anti-fatigue, radiance reviving night-time mask. It is ideal for all skin types and it has a light and fresh texture, just like My Payot Jour GeléeAll you have to do is apply a thin layer in the evening and this mask will work its magic while you sleep. Every time I applied My Payot Sleeping Pack, I woke up with fresher and smoother skin. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up to so I tend to use this on Sunday evening to boost my Monday mornings! It contains energising super fruits which erases visible signs of fatigue, revives radiance and improves skin quality. If this isn’t the perfect mask, I don’t know what is!

The Payot Gommage or Élixir is the star product because of its majestic appearance. It is an ultra-sensorial nourishing body scrub that creates soft and luminous skin. Even though it’s an exfoliator, it is incredibly smooth on the skin – very different from other body scrubs that tend to be quite harsh. This is because it is rich in golden sugar granules and jojoba oil. It is ideal for all skin types and, don’t worry, you won’t end up with gold glitters all over your body after using this! I usually apply this in the shower, before I put on a body lotion (coming right up)!

The Payot Baume Nutri-Relaxant is an ultra-nourishing melt-in care body moisturiser enriched with shea butter. This product has a velvety texture, ideal for all skin types, that is meant to create nourished skin and a moment of relaxation. I feel that its light smell, with hints of jasmine and white tea notes, creates this relaxing experience. My Payot Baume Nutri-Relaxant has become one of my favourite body care products since it glides very easily and doesn’t take forever to get absorbed by the skin. It’s quick and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.