I’m Back in Malta and Why I Changed My Blog

Hey there! It’s been a while, and now you know why.

I’ve been wanting to change my blog, ‘Splashes of Looks’ for a while now. For over three years, I’ve put my heart and soul into creating content for my previous blog. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but towards the end, I felt that I had, in a way, outgrown it. Towards the end of ‘Splashes of Looks’, I started creating content that was more on par with what I wanted to create but it still felt off because the platform was essentially the same.

I’ve changed so much over these past few years that, when I think about it, it’s only natural that where I started off with ‘Splashes of Looks’ isn’t where I want to go anymore. So, I took some time off blogging to think about where I wanted to go next. One thing I realised from this break is that I missed having my own creative space so much! I create content for a living but it wasn’t the same as having my own spot on the internet.

Long story short, I’m back. I’m still the same me but I’m older (definitely) and wiser (I hope). So what can you expect from the new blog?

Style posts will still remain a priority, as well as beauty posts. After all, I started blogging due to my love for both these aspects. Similar to the content I started creating towards the end of ‘Splashes of Looks’, I want to create posts that will matter and resonate with you. I will still be showing you my outfits but I want to add a little beef to the story, if you know what I mean. If you don’t quite understand, you will soon enough.

I also want to create a space for other passions of mine such as travel, food and fitness. As you might know, this last year , I’ve lived abroad in Glasgow which means you can expect a lot of travel posts from my experience. However, travel has always been ingrained in me like a drug and, I want to share with you, all the wonderful places that I get to experience. If you know me in the slightest, you know I love food and I want to be able to share with you one of the best pleasures in life. If you’ve been following me on my Insta Stories, you know that I’m a fitness addict. You can expect fitness related posts on this blog too.

My main reason for renovating my blog is because I wanted my space to be YOUR space too. I want my creative outlet to be a little hub in which you can find your next fashion item, the latest addictive Naked palette, the next spot for you to have your next adventure, the hottest place for you to dine-out, and so on. That is why I wanted to create another category which I named ‘Having a Chat’. I believe that Malta has so much to be proud of. I want to be able to share with you my latest discoveries when it comes to local talent, be it fashion designers, creative people, local influencers, and more.

As you can see, I want to create a varied content because I’m interested in a variety of things. I’m not just solely focused on fashion and beauty anymore. I want to broaden my horizons. I want to discover and go to new places.

I want to grow.

 I’ve finally reached a happy state of mind and I’m so excited for the places that this new hub can go.

If you’ve been following me since ‘Splashes of Looks’, I hope you like the new look and thank you for sticking by me. If you’re new here, welcome and let’s enjoy the ride together!

Top: Adidas Originals // Trousers: Urban Outfitters // Trainers: H&M // Watch: Daniel Wellington