A Chat With Tamara Webb

My relationship with Tamara Webb kicked off a few years ago when I started my blogging journey with my previous blog. I’ve always looked at Tamara as being an inspirational woman but lately, due to the present role she plays on social media, especially on Instagram stories, various people are getting to know and love Tamara from behind their tiny phone screens. Tamara is, undoubtedly, one of the top influencers on the Maltese islands. The use of social media as an influential tool has always intrigued me (I wrote my frikken thesis on it for Christ’s sake!) and I couldn’t think of a better person to have a chat with other than the lovely Tamara.

It’s no secret, Tamara leads a busy life. Being a visual creator for various companies, a photographer, marketing manager at JAR, (a family-run business which turned one this year!) and, more recently, a social media influencer, I was amazed by how many things this woman can do in 24hrs! Additionally, she’s also a new wife, a fitness fanatic and an amazing party planner when it comes to family events!

Social media evolved just in time for Tamara since she’s always preferred speaking as opposed to writing. Admitting that several friends and family encouraged her to have her own blog, her strong point was never the written word but speaking and presenting in front of a crowd. With the introduction of Instagram and its stories, Tamara finally found the platform that she was most comfortable in.

Being also a huge part of her career, social media is very present in Tamara’s life. ‘Social media has the power to influence people’s lives, especially those of young teens who are still trying to find themselves’, claims Tamara. Expressing the importance of being real on social media, Tamara has posted various instances of her showing her real self on Instagram and Facebook such as uploading a picture of her visible stretch marks and also one in which all her infamous abs have disappeared only to be replaced by a bloated tummy.

Speaking on the latter picture, Tamara claims that ‘at first people thought I was pregnant and I knew this picture would evoke such a reaction. But then, people started realising that, no I wasn’t pregnant, I was just bloated. I had so many messages thanking me for posting such a picture because it proved they weren’t alone. I’m a huge believer of showing all the sides of every pretty picture. I want my followers to be able to relate to me and take comfort that everyone goes through bad phases and has bad days’.

This idea of ‘being real’ on social media is something that is actually quite close to my heart. I’ve always admired bloggers who show the bigger picture of every situation. I also think that it’s so important to be real on social media, especially when bloggers have a huge audience, following their every move. Tamara whole heartedly agrees with this opinion, saying that she also ‘feels less pressured since I always try to show the real deal to my followers. I can go out with no make-up and in my gym clothes and not feel bothered that someone might see that I’m not all glammed up because they’ve also seen me like that on social media’.

I was intrigued by how Tamara’s journey as an ‘influencer’ started. ‘I don’t even know if I like the word influencer. I don’t know what I can call myself’, she laughed. With the way social media developed, the process almost seemed natural. ‘Even before the Instagram days, I’ve always loved sharing on social media but I’m like that in my daily life as well. I’m a very sharing and caring person with the people around me’.

Having close to 9K followers on Instagram, Tamara reaches out to her audience daily but it’s never a one-way street. Tamara insists that her followers inspire her every single day. ‘I receive messages of hope, encouragement and support every time I post a personal moment from my life. My followers inspire me as much as I seem to inspire them and that’s such an amazing feeling’.

Fame is not a priority to Tamara. In fact, she admits that it’s not always pleasurable to be recognised because she, like everyone else, experiences sad days in which she feels like being alone. ‘I don’t care about the numbers, the likes or posting the perfect photo. My goal is to motivate and help people who might be struggling. If I can help, even just one person, by uploading a personal struggle on social media, I’ll feel perfectly satisfied’.

‘My only advice to anyone who plays a role in inspiring people is to be real and, most importantly, be true to yourself. If you’re a role model to young teens and you’re only showing the pretty picture, I think that is misleading to both your followers and, especially, yourself. At the end of the day, we should all do what makes US happy’. Having a million and one things to do every day, Tamara also claims that it’s important to stay organised and calm but you also should remember that ‘you can do anything but not everything in a day’.

A chat that involved only ten questions turned into a two-hour lunch. If you want to know more about this lovely lady, follow her on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to always keep an eye out for her inspiring and hilarious Instagram stories.


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